About Us

EKSPERIMENT Scientific - Production Center was incorporated on 1994. The company offers several services such as engineering, consulting and construction of oil and gas pipelines and other communication lines and hydrostatic(Hydro) testing. The staff is composed of proffesionals with many years of experience in the relevant field. Modern computing, design software and topographic research equipment are used during engineering calculations design and topographic studies. The company is able to implement projects that meet AZDTN, ГОСТ, API standards. The company has established business relationships with a number of local and foreign companies and engineering projects were implemented by their orders since the company has been incorporated. Over 1,000 projects and construction consulting contracts have been successfully completed during of operation of the company. In addition to the successful completion of all contractual agreements since its incorporation, the company has achieved a high level of success without any accidents or other accidents during implementing these services. The quality of the services executed and the operational activities of the institution have created long-term cooperation with many government agencies, local and foreign companies.


  • More than 29 year’s experience
  • Successful implementation of All projects (more than 1000)
  • Implementation of projects with local and foreign standards

Quality Policy

We at “Experiment” Scientific Production Center realize that customers are our greatest asset. It is our policy to be committed in providing them with Engineering, Construction and Valve supply to their total satisfaction.We shall achieve this by:

  • Continual Improvement of our processes by monitoring and evaluation of results
  • Setting quality objectives and targets and ensuring quality standards are maintained.
  • The involvement of everyone within the organisation working as a team.
  • Compliance to all statutory and regulatory requirements
  • On time delivery
  • To cover all safety, health and environmental issues.
  • To provide Engineering and Valve supply service compliance of international standards.

Health, Safety & Environment Policy

It is the policy of “Experiment” SPC not only to comply with health and safety measures as required by law, but to act positively to prevent injury, ill health, fire, property damage and damage to the environment arising from its operations. This policy applies to all sites where “Experiment” SPC is performing work and covers all our activities and services. This commitment to HSE is our highest priority and will not be compromised.


  • All accidents can be prevented;
  • No task is so important that risk of injury to people or damage to environment is justified;
  • Effective HSE management is critical foundation for sustainable management.


  • No harm to people and the environment and propoerty;
  • To show leadership in the field of HSE Management;
  • To work in a sustainable and responsible manner;


  • Promote a positive culture based on improving our HSE Performanc
  • Complying with all legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Eliminating hazards, practices and behaviors that could cause accidents, injures or illness
  • Set HSE objectives, targets.
  • Measure and report HSE performance
  • Motivate and train employees
  • Provide a safe, healthy and secure place to work
  • Analyse what we did and use the result to continuously improve our HSE performance
  • Comply with Customer and legislative HSE requirements
  • Ensure our Sub Contractors meet our HSE objective through the selection process, coaching and monitoring of performance.
  • Communicate openly HSE aspects within our organisation and with the Customer, Sub Contractors, local Authorities and the Community