"EKS-M" Scientific-Production Center was established in 1994, and has been working on Engineering Services for the Oil and Gas Industry and Civil Engineering Services on the Buildings.

During its activity the Centre has fulfilled more than two hundred fifty scientific-research and design works in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. The centre has a high scientific-technical potential – technical literature fund, fund of normative documents and high qualified workers. The senior staff of the centre carries out the projects in accordance with Westerns standards and they were taught in International project companies. The centre has its License for projects fulfillment. The major activity directions of the Centre are as follows:

• Working out of feasibility studies
• Carrying out of scientific-research, design and project works on hydrocarbon collecting, preparation, transportation and refining (technological units, compressor pump stations, pipelines and etc.)
• Carrying out of projects on industrious establishments and civil construction
• Engineering research works
• Working out of estimation documentation
• Copyright control on projects fulfillment
• Consulting services
• Translation activities and etc.

During its activity the Centre created business relationships with SOCAR (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan) establishments, different foreign companies and joint ventures and carried out their customs. These companies are “Azpetrol”, “Oil Refining Plant” named after Haydar Aliyev, “Azerbaijan Gas Refining Jointstock Venture”, “Fluor Daniel” (USA), “Fina OilGas” (Belgian), “Whitehall International Traders” (Great Britain), “Lukoil Overseas Holding Ltd.” (Russia), BP-AIOC, “Gobustan Operating Company”, “Salyan Оil”, “Shirvan Oil”, “AZFEN”, “Mascot International Holding Ltd.”.



Company, during the period of its operation, has carried out engineering projects under orders of more than 30 oil companies, joint enterprises, operating companies and establishments manufacturers