“EKS-M” Scientific-Production Center is an independent, private organization. It was founded in 1994 and is located in Baku. During its activity the Centre has fulfilled more than two hundred fifty scientific-research and design works. .

“EKS-M” SPC The centre has a high scientific-technical potential – technical literature fund, fund of normative documents and high qualified workers. The senior staff of the centre carries out the projects in accordance with Westerns standards and they were taught in International project companies. The centre has its License for projects fulfillment. The major activity directions of the Centre are as follows...

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1 July, 2010

Our company took part at the “Azerbaijan Spain Architecture Meeting" that was held at Hotel Park Inn.

Latest Project

Working on the project owned by "SOCAR Petroleum" Company to repair cylindrical oil tanks with the unit volume of 1 300 m and 1 500 m in size"